Michael’s Signature Program


No matter WHAT your health goals, setting THE FOUNDATIONAL ROOTS are 100% essential

This is why it’s either so easy or so hard for you to stick to an exercise routine or a diet plan.


Using the power of the mind to unlock your true potential, Health Roots gives you lasting results.

With a systematic approach, you’ll better understand habit formation and what’s been holding you back from living your best and healthiest life.

Now all you need are the TOOLS and the INSTRUCTIONS manual so you can build the health you want.

All of this and more is waiting for you…

Program Overview

Unlocking the Mind

There are old roots that are strangling your mind and limiting you from breaking free to achieve your best health. Reprogramming your subconscious is no easy task, but when it’s broken down into basic milestones, the fight looks like a victory before you even get started in setting new roots.

Setting New Roots Related to Food

Knowing the basics of food is ESSENTIAL. But, this stuff isn’t taught anywhere and billions of dollars are poured into marketing every year to PREVENT you from understanding how the food you eat actually impacts your health. Let’s pull out those roots and plant new ones by understanding WHAT our body needs food for, WHERE food comes from, and HOW to best fuel our machine. This is extremely undervalued knowledge that every human being should know.

Managing Internal Challenges

When our mental cognition and physical body gets a little ‘tweaking,’ it tends to resist both mentally and physically. There is an adjustment period which involves critical stages like cravings, stress, frustration and other emotions. Awareness, combined with a few key tricks to overcome them, will make the journey seem effortless.

Managing Social Challenges

Our society is not designed for mental and physical health. It’s designed for productivity, efficiency, and speed. So making changes is very challenging with your surrounding environment working against you. Knowing WHAT, WHEN and HOW to prepare for social challenges should not be underestimated. This module will deepen those roots so that nobody or nothing can change your health in the long run. The control is all yours.

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