I Help Yoga Teachers

Learn Anatomy in a

Simple & Easy Way


So that they can build their value as a teacher,

keep their students safe, and level up their teaching style.

Did You Know?


Over 30% of People

Practicing Yoga Get Injured

» 21% of people aggravate old injuries

» 10% of people cause new ones

Why is This Happening?

Yoga Teachers Never Learned

Most Yoga Teachers have a lack of knowledge & Understanding of how injuries happen and how to speak to injury prevention in Yoga.

Yoga Teachers Don’t Feel Confident

A lot of Yoga Teachers feel self-doubt in communicating effectively what to say about injuries and how to prevent them in their classes.

Yoga Teachers Should Know

Yoga Teachers SHOULD know how to speak to injuries and communicate prevention to their students while practicing.

The Reality

We Asked Over 50 Certified Yoga Teachers from Different Trainings all around the world:

Do you feel you learned everything you needed in the anatomy component of your teacher training to feel safe teaching yoga?”

How Can We Fix This

Teach Only the
Essential Anatomy

Anatomy is a BIG topic and there are hundreds of hours of content to learn. So teach only the essentials of anatomy that a Yoga Teacher needs to know.

Keep it Simple &
Easy to Remember

Memory retention is always a problem for Anatomy. Using real life examples will make the information ‘stick’ so it can be referred back to in future practice.

Focus on

Understanding the basic concepts the biomechanics of injuries will empower YTT students to prevent injuries in practice, and turn them into well-rounded Yoga Teachers.

Always Apply to
Yoga Asana Practice

Every topic should be delivered with the purpose of connecting the key points back to the Yoga Asana practice.

Introducing InPrevent Yoga Anatomy

A specially curated curriculum that teaches injury prevention
as the foundation of yoga teacher training anatomy

Our Approach


First, we equip students with the background knowledge needed to effectively learn anatomy.


We adapt teaching methods to cater to all learning styles optimized for memory retention and recall.


Students leave ready to apply their injury prevention yoga anatomy knowledge to every class to keep their students safe.

Why Integrate InPrevent

⇒ Outsource to the PROs

Leave it to the pros who LOVE to teach Yoga Anatomy and have the skills to educate about injuries, so that you don’t have to.

⊕ Advanced Marketing

Being able to advertise Yoga Anatomy for Injury Prevention as a primary marketing tool will separate your YTT from your competitors.

♦ Quality Assurance

The value of your training will increase for your students, as well as the yoga community with rank your training better than others.

+ Capacity for more YTTs

Avoid burnout by sharing the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on other aspects of your training and add more YTTs to your calendar.

Meet Empowered Clients of InPrevent

“What he (Michael) does especially well is making the relevant information simple and easy to understand, rather than focusing on the technical anatomical words he is more interested on teaching you how the body works and how you can apply the knowledge to your yoga practice or teaching. As a result I feel much more empowered as a yoga teacher in understanding the best ways to warm up, avoid causing injury through the practices, and also helping aid in the recovery process for injuries too.”
Caspian Burrell

Hatha, Ashtanga, Fly High Yoga Teacher, Bali

“His focus is about injury prevention and his method ingrains this model into all of his lessons in some way, shape or form and has made connecting the dots much easier as a yoga teacher and student. My biggest take away has been the fun exercises he implements with his workshops that makes the content easier to understand, digest and call upon in the future in my own practice and classes.”
Callan Mielnik

Vinyasa Yoga and Acro Yoga Teacher, Bali

“He gets to the point and makes a complex topic digestible and exciting to understand from a yoga perspective. His classes are one of the best values for my time as it up levels my anatomy game so that I am better prepared to have discussions about the human body to prevent injuries with my own students. I always walk away with something learned and look forward to the next class. Michael takes yoga anatomy to the next level and is a no brainer for every yoga teacher looking to improve.”
Brent Johnson

Vinyasa Yoga and Acro Yoga Teacher, Bali

“I liked the mix of professional teaching but with the right amount of fun included. His sessions were well structured with interesting content and good & helpful bridges to yoga. He brings examples in a way that can be easy to understood by people who aren’t from the field and shows examples by marking on somebody’s leg/knee with colors.”
Iris Reichlin

Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher, Germany

Meet Michael

Creator of InPrevent

Michael is Senior Physotherapist with 10 years of experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation in Canada, Australia, and Bali.

He has over 17 years of study and practice in the field of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, and Injury Prevention.

Michael’s focus is helping Yoga Teachers learn anatomy related to injury prevention in a simple & easy way, so that they can build their value as a teacher, keep their students safe, and level up their teaching style.