3 Simple Ways to Make more time for your Health

3 Simple Ways to make MORE time for your Health

Making more time for your health is easier than you think. Have you ever spoken these words:

I’m so stressed with everything that I need to do.
I do not have enough time for that.
It takes too much time.
here is no time.
I have no time.

Time is a resource that is so important for many areas of our life. Including our health and wellness.


#1 Identify your Relationship with Time

What relationship do you have with time? Does time control your life or do YOU control your own time?

If you say things like ” I don’t have the time,” on a regular basis, it has actually become a part of your subconscious reality. This becomes our automatic response to many questions or situations where we believe we don’t have the time. I’m too busy, I don’t have enough time to do that. Think about how often those words are spoken. So take a moment and ask yourself: Is it a fact, or is it an automatic response?

Using these words is a good representation of a relationship with time. The brain and subconscious are conditioned over many years to respond automatically when asked “How are you doing?’ or “How are things?”

“Keeping busy” or… “I’m very busy” or… “I’m super busy”

All the while thinking to yourself, if only I had more time…

More time is dedicated to work than health

Reprogramming this part of our subconscious requires us to stop and think about where our time actually goes to.

If we are so busy, why do we continue to be that busy? Is that our reality? Could it be related to a lack of energy? Does energy dictate our time? It seems so minor, but in fact it’s a huge part of time.


#2 Seeing Time and Energy Differently

Time and energy are one in the same. If you have more energy, you have more time.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time because you are tired when you get home from a long day and just can’t get motivated. This is an example of a lack of energy… not a lack of time.

You don’t have the energy to make yourself any food, so you get take-out or make a quick dinner of comfort food. The poor nutrient foods you choose to eat can steal even more energy/time away from you.

Think of your body as a machine.

If you fuel your body with the good stuff then you are giving your body the opportunity to create MORE energy, and therefore more time.

So ask yourself, what energizes you?

In order to re-energize, you can eat a nutrient dense meal, which gives you some quality fuel. You can drink more water, which gives you some lubrication. Often times, when you’re feeling lethargic, you may not be consuming enough water.

More energy will give you more time

Next, take a 20-30 min rest, which does not mean watching a show or playing on your phone. Just sitting or laying down and resting. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep or not. This allows you to cool down and thoroughly recharge. Give your body a break and refuel.

And lastly, you may have heard this before, but you can do some exercises. Contrary to what people think, if you’re super tired, this is a great time to exercise because it will actually energize you. The heart starts pumping, the lungs expand and you’re getting the machine going. The blood is pumping and distributing fuel and lubrication through our body. Stimulating your organ systems.

So ironically, using energy, even when you think you don’t have any, will create more energy. And as a result… ultimately create more time.


#3 Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

Another benefit is that when you create more energy, your productivity will increase. Things like time consuming responsibilities at work might not take as much time. You will have a clearer mind, clearer thoughts, and you’ll be more efficient.

So for example, a task that would normally take you 2 hours to complete might only take you an hour and a half.

All of a sudden more time is being freed up…. released and made available to you.

If you are fueling your body with low nutrient foods, because they are convenient for timing purposes, it only drains more energy and therefore steals MORE time from you.

The more efficient you are the more time you'll have

So by taking care of you… whether it be eating healthier, exercising or something as simple as drinking water, you are actually giving your body the opportunity to break through the slump and you’ll be creating MORE energy… and therefore more TIME.

“You may have heard the saying, “It takes money to make money” …

well it takes energy to make energy… or it takes time to make time.”

What is your life’s greatest currency?

Some people say its money, other people say its time…

But think about this; if you aren’t healthy, and you have low energy… how much time do you have? How much time is wasted because of a lack of energy? Because it’s consumed by fatigue?

If you are healthy and vigorous and full of life on a regular basis, how much MORE time do you have? You won’t need to sleep as much and you will be more efficient.

So, to me, my greatest currency is my health. The better my health, the more energy I have, and therefore the more time I have.

“The better my health,

the more energy I have,

and therefore the more time I have”

Dedicating more time to your health gives you more time in the longer run

So when I’m feeling tired or lethargic, lazy or unmotivated, I use that as a sign. It’s an indication that I need to actually re-energize my body.

So I make sure to drink more water. Eat some nutrient dense foods, like fruits and vegetables and lay down on my bed or sofa, close my eyes, and breath for 5, 10, 20 minutes. No phone. No Tv. No music. No computer. Just being still and breathing… recharging.

Using time to make more time.

And every time, I bounce back, I have more energy and I rise up out of my slump, feeling energized, and all of a sudden more time becomes available to me.

So… What is Your Relationship with Time?

And… How do you Manage a Lack of Energy?



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