About Michael

Michael Henri is a skilled health professional with extensive training in Canada and Australia. By trade, Michael has spent the last 7 years working as a Physical Therapist and Health & Wellness Coach to hundreds of clients since 2011.

With a weight loss journey of his own, Michael knows how overwhelming it can be to transform your health to get lasting results. He has spent the last 15 years evolving the application of Physical Therapy, Nutrition, and Mental Cognition to the body. He has become refined sugar free and plant-based, but believes in helping his clients develop their own healthy lifestyle that will work for them.


Everyone has a breaking point. That moment that you say “I need to get healthier. Now.” For some, it’s an illness. For others, it’s been something that they’ve been avoiding for years, not really sure how to get started, and one day it just clicks.

For Michael, that breaking point came when he returned from travelling for several months in South East Asia. One look in the mirror and he knew that the college basketball player that once had been cut and fit, was long gone.

No longer able to sustain a whole day of work without needing a boost of energy, extra weight in the gut, and not really knowing how to get healthy.

He knew in that moment that he needed to make a change.

And so he did. Over the next 6 years, Michael went looking for answers, trying to find a holistic recipe for sustainable health. He experimented with various diets, fitness plans, worked with coaches – all to find the answers to some of his biggest health questions.

As he revolutionized his own health, people around him started to see the impact and wanted in on the secret. And so he shared it with his clients, his colleagues, his friends and his family. He began shifting his efforts online so that he could extend his reach and make a bigger impact. He has since launched a Membership Community (Elevate) and his Signature Program (Health Roots Academy) to help others who struggle with developing healthy habits navigate their mind around habit formation, to better serve their life.

Michael knows that health is a winding road for many. However, once Michael unlocked the power of the mind related to physical health, he knew he had to share this intel to help others.

Michael’s Favorite Inspirational Books . . .

I’m so grateful and thankful for what Michael has done for me. The knowledge he gave me on what I was putting into my body was instrumental in my health journey. I’m in the best physical shape in over 20 years but more importantly, I’m mentally more alert and my sleep patterns are more regulated. Now I’m passing his knowledge down to my kids. Priceless!

Jennifer Ancona

Ophthalmic Technician/Jazzercise Instructor

As A Hypoglycemic, for many years I have been struggling with low energy which is not what I wanted. Michael suggested eliminating dairy, which helped me with my allergies and my stomach and bowel issues (IBS). By his example, he challenged me to cut all refined sugars from my diet. My energy level increased and I was a happier person. Coffee was next! The advice to ‘quit’ coffee made my nausea, dizziness and irritability disappear! Thank you Michael.

Sandra Diegel

Retired Mother & Grandmother of five

Michael’s approach to clean and healthy eating has helped me create guidelines that I will follow for the rest of my life. I have been abusing my body with processed foods and sugars for far too long. After about two weeks of following his advice, my mood and energy levels have improved tremendously. I now have the willpower needed to continue to improve my lifestyle and can’t wait to see the rest of the results! Everyone should follow his assistance and see for themselves how much better they will feel overall.

Daniel Kummerl

Engineer Analyst, General Motors

Contact Michael & Team Henri

To get in touch with Michael and Team Henri at customersuccess@michaelhenri.com.

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